Our Independent Educational Evaluations provide a practical, realistic description of the individual's strengths and areas of growth, which forms the foundation for appropriate educational instruction and remedial intervention, if the student is eligible for special education services.

The type of tests used in our evaluations depends on the reason for referral. After we conduct interviews to gain a better understanding of your student and the reasons why you seek an educational evaluation, our team will determine which types of assessments will be used to develop the student’s learning profile. We will request various items to help us gain a better understanding of the student such as previous evaluations, report cards, progress reports, discipline records, etc. Once the evaluation is complete our consultants will provide a clear, “user friendly” report, which is targeted to improve the student’s learning, attention, and academic success.

Evaluations will help provide a great deal of information about how your child learns and their current academic knowledge. The evaluations will afford you with a detailed account of your child’s strengths and areas of growth. It will also suggest some more specific accommodations and modifications.

 Some of the benefits from being tested include:
  • A description of your child’s strengths and areas of growth
  • Recommendations of accommodations and modification to help students be successful in school, work, and everyday life
  • Recommendations for instructional strategies
  • Recommendations for support services: such as counseling, vocational assessments and training, Occupational Therapy Assessments, etc.
  • Self-Awareness that will provide students the knowledge needed to properly advocate for themselves
  • Civil Rights protection that ensures your child the right to accommodations at work and school